Nebowa Missions

Each year our Board of Directors and area church ministers select a missionary to support throughout the Summer. The missionary usually spends time during each camp educating the campers about their particular mission and how they are telling the world around them about Jesus. We are proud of this tradition and are thrilled to have a chance to teach young students how to be willing to give willingly to an organization or individual who is doing work that God has called them to do. Offerings are collected during each camp and the total amount given is sent to the selected missionary each Summer. Find out more info about this Summer's missionary below.


Summer 2018 | rallypoint church

Rallypoint Church is a brand new church plant that will launch later on in 2018 in Sioux City, IA. Led by Drew Hanson and supported by Church Evangelistic Mission (CEM), Rallypoint is focused on the goal to “Rally around Jesus and live like Him.” Many churches in the Nebowa network have been supporting Rallypoint for over a year now, and it is so exciting to see how God is preparing the way for a brand new church to reach Sioux City for Jesus.